Corporate Wellness Workshops + Events

corporate wellness workshops.png


We come into your office and NERD-OUT IN PERSON on all kinds of healthy science.

Our out-of-the-box IN-OFFICE NUTRITION + WELLNESS WORKSHOPS are engaging and informative, exciting and super fun.  Some favorites include:

  • Holistic Health Hacks
  • Secret Life of Gut Bacteria
  • What's so Super About Superfoods?
  • Cooking Decoded (with demos!)
  • Psychology of Snacking
  • Productivity: Inside Out
  • Sugar Sucks :(
  • Food Politics
  • Eat Your Way Pretty
  • Hacking Happiness
  • Travel Well

We provide you with all the intra-office marketing materials you need to get the word out, so that we can provide your employees with a "lunch-n-learn" they actually want to attend!

And our CREATIVE EVENTS are just as engaging. These interactive wellness parties touch on many different aspects of wellbeing from healthy eating to happiness science. These events can be as creative as your office allows - trust us, you and your team will love these experiences.

Employees leave all of our healthy hangout sessions with a "Cheat Sheet" so that they can take all the goodness learned in our time together and implement it in real life ASAP.  Change starts now.