Corporate Wellness Workshops



We come into your office and NERD-OUT IN PERSON on all kinds of healthy science.

These out-of-the-box IN-OFFICE NUTRITION + WELLNESS WORKSHOPS are engaging and informative, exciting and super fun.  Some favorites include:

  • Holistic Health Hacks
  • Secret Life of Gut Bacteria
  • What's so Super About Superfoods?
  • Cooking Decoded (with demos!)
  • Psychology of Snacking
  • Productivity: Inside Out
  • Sugar Sucks :(
  • Food Politics
  • Eat Your Way Pretty
  • Hacking Happiness
  • Travel Well

We provide you with all the inter-office marketing materials you need to get the word out, so that we can provide your employees with a "lunch-n-learn" they actually want to attend!

Employees leave our healthy hangout session with a "Cheat Sheet" so that can take all the goodness learned in our hour together and implement in real life.  Change starts now.