Creative Corporate Wellness Consulting



  • IN-OFFICE, PERSONAL HEALTH COACHING: Health is personal! Private 1:1 in-office health coaching sessions for your employees to get their personalized plans from certified professionals that really care.
  • CREATIVE CONTENT: TWP - U(niversity) is the healthy content your office is excited to receive. Want peppy, relevant writing on trending health science? Or short and fun videos about living well every day? We've got you covered.
  • HEALTH CHALLENGES: Our simple to implement, creative health challenges are all about holistic wellness. Try a "Kindness Challenge" over the holiday season, a "Shun Sugar Challenge" at the start of the new year, or a "Holistic Habits Challenge" any time!
  • KITCHEN MAKE-OVER: We work with you to revamp your kitchen offerings and provide organizational tips to help keep employees happy AND healthy.
  • GROUP CLEANSE: We don't believe in "Detoxing," but every now and again a diet re-set is a great way to get back on track. Why not do it with the support of your co-workers and a team health coach!


we can help with Strategic Planning!

TWP also offers expertise in the form of Creative Consulting.  

Taking into account the unique opportunities and challenges each individual company faces, TWP will support leadership to best implement corporate wellness programming.

Whether it's a plan to get employees engaged in already existing programming, implementing new services, or some combination of both, TWP will help you personalize the approach of your wellness program to optimize engagement and excitement.

We're here for you and your people. Let's Chat!