Experts in the the fields of holistic health and corporate wellness programming.

Known for a down-to-Earth and accessible approach, TWP provides highly creative and enlightening content.


Public Speaking

Rachel and Sarah are certified holistic nutritional counselors with a firm belief in focusing on the connection between the mind and the body to achieve total wellbeing. From busy American Express employees at their corporate headquarters in NYC to women looking for transformational experiences at Campowerment high in the hills of Malibu, everyone that attends a TWP event leaves feeling inspired and empowered to change their lives for the better. 

Rachel and Sarah regularly speak at conferences and events - whether it's about holistic health, workplace wellness, or being female entrepreneurs, their presentations are both fun and informative. Always in their signature conversational style, the two are a dynamic pair and provide the audience with entertainment, relevant information, and an interesting perspective. Represented by The Speaker's Boutique, you can find their profile HERE.

contributing content

The two have contributed editorial content to outlets such as The Huffington Post, The Active Times, Bustle, The Luxury Spot, Wellvyl, Super Sprowtz, and more, and also create original video content.