Certified Holistic Nutritional Counselors and Experts in Effective Corporate Wellness.

Rachel Brown and Sarah Jacobs


About Rachel: A born and bred New Yorker, Rachel is a licensed Holistic Health + Nutritional Counselor and certified Yoga Teacher. With 10 years of experience in digital marketing, she is now clear in her mission to creatively support others in making attainable food and lifestyle choices that will fully nourish them – mind, body, & spirit. Usually that means cutting out nasty hydrogenated oil from your diet, sometimes it means getting down with a little meditation, and occasionally it’s treating yourself to a margarita (or two). Rachel lives in Brooklyn with her hubs where she does hot yoga and dances in her kitchen. Personal Mottos: What goes up must come down. Stop complaining.


About Sarah: Originally from Atlanta, NYC has long been called her home. After over 10 years in the entertainment industry, she fell victim to chronic illness and autoimmune disorder, which prompted her to delve deeper into nutritional studies and became a certified Holistic Nutritional Counselor. She was able to cure herself and now helps others with online programs and coaching at Smart-Mouthed.com. Her approach to wellness is simple and accessible, entertaining and enlightening. She occasionally swears, is usually sassy, and always dependable. Brooklyn is her home, where she snuggles her puppy, dabbles in spoken word poetry, and is also a freelance writer. Sarah-e-Jacobs.com Personal Mottos: Eat your damn vegetables. When in doubt, dance it out.