TWP takes a creative approach to corporate wellness.


Holistic Health + Creativity + Fun =



Our Mission

We are the industry’s first (truly) creative corporate wellness consultancy. We work with your people to provide fun and interesting programming that actually facilitates healthy change. 

Health is about so much more than numbers on a scale.

Working with human psychology and physiology instead of against it, we take a holistic approach to health as we educate employees and support them through making attainable lifestyle shifts. 

We get employees engaged and excited, so they walk away feeling inspired to take care of themselves and empowered to put their new knowledge into action.

We definitely take health seriously, but approach it with a serious sense of humor. We are, in fact, Holistic Nutritionists, but we’re also wholly human, and our programming takes into consideration that your employees are, too. 

And we make your life easier!

We’re here to support you so that you can do your job better. We know! HR professionals are busy bees. Ongoing support, inter-office marketing collateral, and strategic planning are just a few ways we'll be here for you. Not to mention, we're here as your employees' remote health coaches, so they ask us all the questions, not you! 

we can provide effective programming that's actually a load off your shoulders.

TWP is a wellness initiative that actually facilitates wellness. Habits are healthier, fun is had, and in the end, everyone is more present, productive, and proactive at work – which, for you, means a more motivated workforce, and a better bottom line.

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