TWP takes a creative approach to the problem of corporate wellness.


Holistic Health + Creativity + Fun =



Our Mission

We are the industry’s first (truly) creative corporate wellness consultancy. We work with your people to develop a fun and interesting program that actually facilitates healthy change. 

Traditional wellness programs just aren't working.

Unlike other wellness programs, instead of focusing on those old-school “markers” for health, like weight loss and cholesterol numbers, our new approach is about total body, holistic wellness. We know that Health is about so much more than a number on a scale and confusing blood work. So, working with human psychology and physiology, instead of against it, and by taking a holistic approach, we support employees through making attainable lifestyle shifts. 

We get employees engaged, excited, and we hold them accountable which facilitates meaningful, long-term change.

We definitely take health seriously, but approach it with a serious sense of humor. We are, in fact, Holistic Nutritionists, but we’re also wholly human, and our program takes into consideration that your employees are, too. 

And we make your life easier!

We’re here to support you so you can do your job better. We know! HR professionals are busy bees. Ongoing support, Inter-office marketing collateral, and strategic planning are just a few ways we'll be here for you. Not to mention, we're here as your employees' remote health coaches, so they ask us all the questions, not you! 

Together, we can create a seamless program that's actually a load off your shoulders.


And it works!  

Unlike others out there, we don't measure our success by pounds lost, or steps taken. Instead, we consider universal markers for wellness. Some things we examine are employee satisfaction, affinity towards employer, overall happiness, sense of self-empowerment, increased energy, and change in healthy behavior

We also measure participation and proudly benchmark an engagement rate well above the industry standard. TWP is a wellness initiative that actually facilitates wellness. Habits are healthier, fun is had, and in the end, everyone is more present, productive, and proactive at work – which, for you, means a more motivated workforce, and a better bottom line.


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